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An evening with Benjamin Sears

Benjamin Sears will be here for an evening of two workshops on the 19th November. £40 for one or both for £70, allowing you to get the most out of this opportunity to learn from a world-renowned teacher. 

                                                      Workshop 1:

That Smooth Joint: 

Articulations Refined for Yoga & Life
Make strength where you need it, and space where you don’t have it. Optimize yourself by isolating joints so that muscles operate properly to unlock usable ranges of motion. When each joint in your body can move without compensation from other areas, you maximize potential and minimize pain.
Time:5- 6.30pm 
Workshop 2:
Sacred Geometry Vinyasa
Asana, Pranayama & Meditation
Learn to use your own proportions to chart a course from effort to grace. Refined techniques and rich metaphors create a practice of sustainable intensity that balances strength and flexibility. Think clean folds for smoother floats, stability for arm balances, backbends that don’t hurt your back, and conceptual consistency that makes your own body the map for moving meditation. 
Time: 7-9pm 

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Kate Sinclair Penman
Absolutely wonderful, a calm, serene atmosphere with super classes and teachers. My fab find of the year.

– Kate Sinclair Penman

Steph Caller
Really awesome studio and lovely instructors :) x.

– Steph Caller

Rachel Barr
A diverse range of classes, designed to be accessible and challenging for all abilities. Friendly instructors (and students) help to create an ego- and judgment-free atmosphere where everyone can feel comfortable working within their own limits!

– Rachel Barr

Louise Turnock
I've been going for a few months now and I have been welcomed and I enjoy the atmosphere within the studios - teachers and classes are amazing - highly recommend to anyone.

– Louise Turnock

Kathy Ran
Amazing place with awesome teachers! I really enjoy the teacher trainings!

– Kathy Ran

Jackie Herbett
A total beginner who has been made to feel really welcome. I have tried two different classes now and was really well looked after and guided in both. A lovely environment and calming atmosphere, absolutely recommended.

– Jackie Herbett

Jason Miles
I love this studio - really hip and young vive with good solid CORE energy - Ella and Roman are super teachers with a real love that shows through their instructions and care -- Lovvvvvvinnnn ELLA and FLEUR Studio.

– Jason Miles