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Chloe Robinson

Chloe Robinson

Chloe is an experienced group exercise instructor and over the past ten years, has delivered many different disciplines of fitness. Based in Cheltenham, Chloe has taught and presented all over the country at different gyms and conventions, mainly delivering cycling classes (vibe cycle) and step and dance based work outs. As a busy mum of 3, Chloe now only teaches locally and focuses on Vibe Cycle and freestyle dance, step and conditioning workouts.

Chloe has always loved group exercise and the way it brings people together for one common goal. As a classically trained musician, her background in music (along with extensive experience in fitness, and dance, having trained since she was a teenager) has provided her with an excellent base for using music in fitness classes. She believes without the right music, you will never be truly motivated to achieve your full potential in the studio. Chloe's sessions are banging, creative, sweaty and intense providing the best work out possible. Chloe aims to take you on a journey in her classes, at the end of which you feel energised and majorly sweaty!

Chloe believes exercise is something which should become part of life and your daily routine, but without being monotonous and dull, and she will try as hard as she can to get you to believe the same.

"We are all on this journey to fitness together, and are trying to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be. Let's work, ride, dance and sweat together!"