What we’re doing to keep you safe:

  • Reducing class sizes
  • Allocating mat space
  • Increased time in between classes to allow thorough cleaning of the studio
  • Disinfection & steam cleaning of the studio after every class
  • Increased ventilation in the studio, with windows open and fans in place
  • One-to-one staff training to reinforce new procedures
  • Phased return of classes once procedures have been embedded within daily routines
  • Daily cleaning rota
  • Wearing Masks when entering and exiting the building (masks are removed when you are in class)
  • Providing the track and trace QR code to all our clients 

In addition to our extensive precautions for maintaining COVID compliance within the studio, we will also provide additional measures for our Hot Yoga classes:

  •  Supply the studio with over 650 litres of fresh air per second, providing each person with 59 l/s, with our world-class ventilation system*;
  •  Provide an ‘Air Change Rate’ (ACR) of 17 times per hour; generating a fresh supply of (hot) air into the studio every 4 minutes**. Compare this with a typical ACR of 3.65 p/h when windows are open, increasing to 4.65 p/h with the addition of a fan (LA Wallace 2002)***
  • Daily cleaning of the filters on our ventilation system to make sure that the risk of transmission is further reduced;
  • For extra peace of mind, we will operate temperature checks for those entering the hot room (optional);
  • Confirm that both the UK government (3) and major US health institutions (4) have an identical message regarding sweat, confirming that COVID-19 can NOT be transmitted via sweat;   
  •  Open all windows and doors before and after class;
  • Open windows and doors at 20-minute intervals during class;
  • Ensure everyone brings their own towel
  •   Provide opportunities for heated, unheated and online classes throughout the timetable

* Our ventilation system has a 'Air Volume Range' of between 430 - 1035 litres per second. We have kept our factory settings as 'medium/low', culminating in an Air Volume Range of 650 l/s

With a capacity of 11 people in the room, each person will be provided with 59l/s of fresh (hot) air. Minimum ventilation rates for the UK are 10l/s (www.sciencedirect.com)

**Calculation provided by 'energy-models.com', based on converting 650l/s to 1377 Cubic Feet per minute (CFM), with a room volume of 4687 Cubic Feet (room dimensions of 23ft, 23ft, 8.86; LxWxH). 

Data calculated using the equation - CFM x 60 / V. Equal to 1377 x 60 / 4687 = 17.6 Air Changes per Hour.

*** Data based on a year-long investigation of ACR in 10 indoor locations to establish the effects of temperature, wind velocity, use of exhaust fans, and window-opening behaviour.

WALLACE, L, EMMERICH, S, & HOWARD-REED, C. Continuous measurements of air change rates in an occupied house for 1 year: the effect of temperature, wind, fans, and windows. J Expo Sci Environ Epidemiol 12, 296-306 (2002) 

For the foreseeable future, changing rooms, showers and communal spaces will remain closed in order to keep everyone safe.

We look forward to seeing you all soon, in a safe and welcoming atmosphere. Please ensure you follow our guidance below for any of our studio classes at Ella and Fleur Hot Yoga.In addition to our extensive precautions for maintaining COVID compliance within the studio, we will also provide additional measures for our Hot Yoga classes:

Pre Book 

Please ensure that all classes are pre-booked and paid for in advance. We are restricting class numbers, so need to keep accurate records of everyone signed up classes. These details will also be used to comply with the NHS ‘Track & Trace’ service, which is GDPR compliant.

Feeling under the weather? Please Stay Home

Please do not put yourself and others at risk if you are feeling unwell in any way. Please let us know at least an hour in advance of class if you unable to make it; allowing someone else to take your spot.

Arrive Ready for Class

 As part of the latest regulatory advice, we will not open our changing rooms or communal spaces. All personal belongings are to stay with you, next to your mat.


In accordance with the latest advice within our sector, we will not be allowing clients to use our mats and props for our classes. If you wish to purchase any of our disinfected equipment, you can do so at reception, at a very reasonable cost.
Use the floor markings provided – To comply with social distancing regulations, we have marked out mat space on the studio floor. Please fill up from the furthest space from the door when you enter the studio. Please ensure you stay on your mat for the duration of class.

Hand Sanitizer

We will provide hand sanitizer for all those booked onto class. Please ensure you sanitise your hands upon entering and exiting the building.

Be respectful to others 

These are extraordinary times, please be kind and patient and to other people in class and the staff of Ella and Fleur Hot Yoga. We’re trying our best to keep everyone safe and expect visitors to the studio to respect our policies and procedures in protecting themselves and others.