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Flow & Glow 5 Week Yoga Course

with Nina Lane-Jenkins
from Rock Beam Yoga

This is a beautifully nurturing yoga course that span 5 weeks, starting 21st November & finishing Dec 19th. Every Wed at 12 noon.

Rock Beam Yoga is holding this nurturing course at Ella & Fleur Hot Yoga Studio in Cheltenham but this is not heated. Instead you will experience master level Reiki healing and energy clearing at both the beginning & end of class. You can choose from a beautiful selection of crystals to enhance your practice and healing.

You will experience a gorgeous glow and peace from the healing energy and yoga. The session then moves onto a beautiful Vinyasa flow which is suited to those that have progressed from beginners level & want to grow their practice and journey with yoga further.

My yoga style incorporates being mindful about postures, correct alignment and foundations are key, I also focus on enabling students to open & balance the chakras, in order to properly heal the mind, body & soul through homeostatis / balance. I encourage you to find balance, mobility, peace and strength. I use beautiful organic chakra oils and mist sprays to compliment your yogic experience and cleanse your system.

The asanas I use are all mindfully chosen each week to encourage the body and mind to both strengthen and heal. You will be truly nourished, challenged and invigorated after your Flow & Glow experience. 


Wednesdays 21st November 2018 - 19th December
5 week course (not heated)
12:00pm - 1:00pm



Kate Sinclair Penman
Absolutely wonderful, a calm, serene atmosphere with super classes and teachers. My fab find of the year.

– Kate Sinclair Penman

Steph Caller
Really awesome studio and lovely instructors :) x.

– Steph Caller

Rachel Barr
A diverse range of classes, designed to be accessible and challenging for all abilities. Friendly instructors (and students) help to create an ego- and judgment-free atmosphere where everyone can feel comfortable working within their own limits!

– Rachel Barr

Louise Turnock
I've been going for a few months now and I have been welcomed and I enjoy the atmosphere within the studios - teachers and classes are amazing - highly recommend to anyone.

– Louise Turnock

Kathy Ran
Amazing place with awesome teachers! I really enjoy the teacher trainings!

– Kathy Ran

Jackie Herbett
A total beginner who has been made to feel really welcome. I have tried two different classes now and was really well looked after and guided in both. A lovely environment and calming atmosphere, absolutely recommended.

– Jackie Herbett

Jason Miles
I love this studio - really hip and young vive with good solid CORE energy - Ella and Roman are super teachers with a real love that shows through their instructions and care -- Lovvvvvvinnnn ELLA and FLEUR Studio.

– Jason Miles