Kundalini Tantra Workshop

Matthews trains with Master Ketut Arsana who designed this very dynamic style of yoga. He is an inspiring teacher, healer and community leader in Bali, a country with a deep and rich yoga history. Movement is used within the poses as a way of working out tension. Aside from the muscular and fitness benefits, this is especially helpful for the lymphatic system, which relies on movement to drain waste products and toxins from the body.

The Kundalini Tantra Yoga system activates the glands (endocrine system), moving oxygen, opening joints, and increasing flexibility. With the improved function of the glands aided by the breath, toxins are released quickly, cleansing the blood and muscles. The body is rendered resilient to disease, and overall well-being is the result.

The workshop will consist of 75 minutes of physical practice, followed by breathwork and meditation. It will finish with a short talk on Kundalini and Tantra aimed at demystifying both subjects and explaining their roles in the development of yoga.

It's a challenging class in an energetic sense and quite different from other styles, but suitable for all levels of experience. You can expect to notice an immediate change in how you feel and to find the workshop enjoyable. Note, participants shouldn't eat for at least 2 hours before the workshop or take any liquids for at least 1 hour before.