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Bikram Yoga



Traditionally our hottest class, with temperature reaching 40℃. The Bikram series consists of 26 postures, with breathing exercises which originate from Hatha yoga.

As with all classes at Ella and Fleur, we pride ourselves on meeting the needs of all abilities. This is no exception with Bikram yoga, as we look to embrace first-time students as well as those who’ve already been on an extensive learning journey with yoga. Classes are either 60-90 minutes in duration and aim to reach and stimulate each and every muscle, tendon, ligament, joint, organ and gland in the body. Bikram yoga is renowned for transporting oxygenated and deoxygenated blood around the body, whilst removing waste products from the body systems.

At Ella and Fleur we have an in-built heating and dehumidification system which provides a unique environment to practise in. The benefits of Bikram yoga provide the body with increased range of movement around the joints, providing increased muscle length and strength. The heat provides a cardiovascular workout that not only strengthens the heart, but helps increase the efficiency of transporting blood around the body.

As with other forms of yoga there are many advantages from practising Bikram yoga. Participating on a regular basis can have many benefits, such as:

  • Improving muscular and skeletal strength
  • Improving focus
  • Reducing stress
  • Increasing blood flow
  • Improved balance and mobility
  • Improved breathing technique
  • Reduction in chronic ailments (back pain, arthritic, asthma, digestive issues, tendonitis) 

Each and every class follows a specific structure, with the individual tailoring postures to their abilities and pushing themselves in a way that matches their intensions for the class, under the expert instruction of our teachers. This personalised learning helps create a positive mind-set in dealing with problems in the work place and in everyday life. The promotion of improved mental health and independence is crucial in the regular practise of Bikram yoga. This helps create a unique link between mind and body, developing your practise, as well as your individual needs.