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Jay Wiggle

I took my first Yoga class to ‘relax’ and found that it not only helped relieve aches and pains from hours spent in front of computers but it also made me feel more alert and focused. Over time, I began to notice how calm I was when I practiced regularly and I begun to soften and open in body, mind and heart.

I attained the Yoga Alliance RYT 200 hours Teacher Training with Kosta Miachin at Vikasa Yoga Thailand before spending two years around South East Asia where I continued to expand and deepen my knowledge and skills as a yoga teacher.

Come feel the difference in your body, lightness in your mind and openness of your heart - The light-hearted classes with an emphasis on having fun while developing strength, flexibility and stability are great for all levels and will have you leave the mat with a smile feeling invigorated, grounded and balanced. I encourage you to work at your own pace, listen to your body, forget about the perfect pose - drop in to the present moment and simply enjoy moving on your mat. I look forward to sharing a practice with you.