Kim Ridd

I have always loved and been involved in exercise from a young age. Competing in as many sports as possible. Swimming and water polo were my main passions and I carried on with these sports throughout university where I studied sport and exercise science.

It was in this time I did my first ever spin class. I hated every second of it and didn't go back for months. I tried another instructors class and absolutely loved it!! The music was amazing and the instructor was inspiring. The way that she taught made the class much more interesting. A few years later I took my qualifications in Coventry. I have taught mostly in Cheltenham, but also in various areas around the country.

I teach a concept of indoor cycling called vibe cycle. This uses the rhythm and the beat of the music to get the best out of your workout. Come and give it a try. It's a great way to get fit and burn calories with a good playlist of motivating music.