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Teacher Training

200 hour Yoga Alliance® Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT®) Training  with Emily Young

 What style of yoga is the Emily Young Teacher Training?

This program is a vinyasa based school, teaching methods that balance precise instruction, detailed alignment, breath and fluid movement. The course begins by exploring the traditions of Hatha Yoga and the Eight Limbs of Yoga, then evolves to dissect the various application of vinyasa yoga practice to meet the needs of different minds and bodies.

Vinyasa yoga is designed to reveal the full depth of yoga. It is the systematic step-by-step unfolding of awareness without neglecting weak areas or catering to strong ones. This approach, called vinyasa, means sequential. It implies intelligent, balanced evolution, and it produces remarkable strength, flexibility, and clearness of mind. Out of the principle of vinyasa different progressive series of postures were created using the movements of the Sun Salutation as links.

Note: This is not a hot yoga teacher training, however we do offer a hot yoga module as part of the course.

How proficient in yoga do I have to be to do the 200 hour program?

We require that you have a minimum of 1 year of a consistent yoga practice before enrolling in our teacher training program. We want to make sure that trainees have a basic foundation in the primary yoga postures before learning how to teach. If it appears that you do not have the necessary foundation, we will kindly guide you until you have this experience. Please be aware that each day includes a vigorous two + hour asana class.

What is the Yoga Alliance?

Yoga Alliance is an organization that was started in 1999 as a way to create nationally recognized standards for yoga teachers and yoga teacher trainings in the US and globally. More and more yoga studios across the world are requiring their teachers to register with the Yoga Alliance, either at the 200-Hour or 500-Hour level. Yoga Alliance registration, however, is not a legal requirement for teaching yoga. Currently, there are no legal certification requirements to be a yoga teacher.

What is included in the fees?

All Tuition, Course Handbooks, Online course materials, Yoga Journal, use of resources and props, Residential Accommodation & meals, RYS fees AND NEW FOR 2019 - A FREE weekend pass to SOUL CIRCUS FESTIVAL.

What is excluded from the fees?

Travel,yoga mats, essential and suggested texts, meal supplements or snacks, accommodation & meals on weekend program, classes or workshops between course dates.

What are the payment options?

• Option 1: Deposit on registration £500 followed by monthly instalments: Total £2400.

Option 2: No deposit, full payment on registration. £2200.


Who will be teaching me?

Emily is supported by an amazing international faculty. Adrienne LeCoure (USA), Celest Pereira (South Africa/UK) , Phil Douglas (UK), Cat Douglas(USA/UK), Jess Lambert (UK), Rose Shaw (UK). You can read more about tour faculty here. NEW for 2019 we are delighted to welcome Gabriella Brunel ( Sanscit and chanting teacher ) to the faculty. We are so excited to integrate some of your favourite local teachers into your course too!

How will I be assessed?

We will guide you through the following tasks. These will be completed individually, in pairs and groups.

What are the pre-course tasks?

Following successful application, you will receive a series of online tasks to complete before the course. These are mostly based on developing or revising your knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

You will also be asked to keep a reflective yoga journal and may be encouraged to attend regular yoga practice. These tasks aim to start your learning journey, give you content to think about on and off the mat, and allow all learners to progress together more effectively when with tutors.

Will I be qualified to teach yoga once I complete the 200 hour teacher training program?

Yes! With the successful completion of all the requirements of the program, including contact hours, assessments and practicum, you will receive your Letter of Completion and Diploma evidencing your training at the 200-Hour Level. You may also register with the Yoga Alliance (www.yogaalliance.org) at the RYT-200 level (Registered Yoga Teacher 200). Graduates of the 200-Hour program usually begin teaching cover classes, in small studios, gyms, with private clientele (friends and family), etc.

What if I don't want to be a teacher?

No problem! The 200-hour training is ideal for those who want to delve deeper into the study of yoga, and to improve their own practice. It’s also great for students who simply want to have a transformational experience and to be a part of our thriving Yoga Community



 16th, 17th, 18th August 2019

20th, 21st, 22nd September 2019

25th, 26th, 27th October 2019

22nd, 23rd, 24th November 2019

13th, 14th, 15th December 2019

To find out more and to apply please click here.

To ask any questions then drop Emily a message at info@emilyyoungyoga.com

Kate Sinclair Penman
Absolutely wonderful, a calm, serene atmosphere with super classes and teachers. My fab find of the year.

– Kate Sinclair Penman

Steph Caller
Really awesome studio and lovely instructors :) x.

– Steph Caller

Rachel Barr
A diverse range of classes, designed to be accessible and challenging for all abilities. Friendly instructors (and students) help to create an ego- and judgment-free atmosphere where everyone can feel comfortable working within their own limits!

– Rachel Barr

Louise Turnock
I've been going for a few months now and I have been welcomed and I enjoy the atmosphere within the studios - teachers and classes are amazing - highly recommend to anyone.

– Louise Turnock

Kathy Ran
Amazing place with awesome teachers! I really enjoy the teacher trainings!

– Kathy Ran

Jackie Herbett
A total beginner who has been made to feel really welcome. I have tried two different classes now and was really well looked after and guided in both. A lovely environment and calming atmosphere, absolutely recommended.

– Jackie Herbett

Jason Miles
I love this studio - really hip and young vive with good solid CORE energy - Ella and Roman are super teachers with a real love that shows through their instructions and care -- Lovvvvvvinnnn ELLA and FLEUR Studio.

– Jason Miles