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New to Yoga?
New to Yoga?

New to Yoga?


At Ella and Fleur Hot Yoga we pride ourselves in catering for all abilities. Yoga is about many things, not just about how flexible you are, but how to look after your mind, body and soul.

We offer a wide variety of classes, led by experienced and outstanding teachers. All of our teachers are encouraged to tailor their classes to suit the needs of their clients, differentiating postures and providing assistance and support where necessary.

There are a few key things to remember during your practise:

  • Listen to your body, never force yourself into a posture and take rest breaks when you feel you need to. No-one is judging you, we’re all at different stages of our journey
  • Listen to the teacher for prompts and guidance
  • Focus on your breath, aiding your focus and easing you into postures
  • Remain in Savasana at the end of class, enjoy the sensations it brings and allow your body to feel the benefits of your final pose

Our early evening classes (6pm, Mon-Thurs) are probably our strongest and most challenging classes, it is advisable to gain experience in other classes prior to participating in these

Classes to try (please see descriptions of classes under ‘classes’):


10:00 - Vinyasa

19:30 Hot Hatha


06:45 Vinyasa

18:00 Vinyasa


06:45 Sunrise Yoga

18:00 Vinyasa Beats

19:15 Hot Chill



06:45 Fire into Friday

18:00 Hot Chill


17:00 Heated Flow and Restore