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Heated Somatics Yoga *
Heated Somatics Yoga *

Heated Somatics Yoga *


The perfect class to find greater ranges of mobility and to release tension in the body and mind. This class will gently explore full range of comfortable movement throughout the body; aiming to reduce tension and eliminate pain. We will focus on different parts of the body or different ranges of mobility in each session and will play through specific exercises that will be guided in a slow and mindful way. The Somatic exercises will strengthen and mobilise joints enabling the body to achieve ‘mindfulness in motion’ aiming to disperse painful muscular tension, move freely and regain correct movement patterns and build awareness of articulation throughout the body.

* Sweat Level 1: This class is of a light intensity.


Cancellation Policy:

A late cancellation fee of £10  will apply if the cancellation occurs within two hours of the scheduled start time of the class.