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Hot, ‘Raw (,) Happy’ and Healthy

We asked the lovely Tracy Sadler to explain a little bit more about raw food........

So you’re totally dedicated to your yoga practice, seeing the changes in the physical and mental side of you, but there’s still that element of improving your internal health. They say the gut is our second brain which is where the term ‘gut instinct’ comes from, therefore meaning a healthy digestive system can result in a clearer way of thinking, adding another state of higher being to your life. 

Now let’s be realistic we’re not all designed to be completely raw foodists, or even vegans! I am a firm believer that we all do our best in every situation and what is right for our own individual health and happiness is not necessarily right for everyone else. Surely that’s why we make these changes and adaptions in the first place to feel healthier and happier, right? If that’s not the result then why do it?? 

So what is ‘Raw Food’? Plant based foods are considered raw when they have not been heated above 42 degrees, meaning they are still high in their enzyme content and vibrational energy. By eating these foods we are nourishing our bodies, minds and souls and there is no conversion of nutrients required by our complexly clever digestive systems. The body is simply able to absorb everything it needs and requires, to function fully and completely, Magic!! 

A raw food or plant-based diet will consist predominantly of greens- including dark green leafy vegetables and sea greens like nori, wakame and dulse, all of which are high and complete in the vitamins and minerals that we need. Some seasonal and local fruits are included along with low quantities of nuts and seeds. Bean sprouts, such as alfalfa, lentils, seeds and beans, all of which are nutritious powerhouses, easy and cost effective to do at home. Healthy fats, which include avocados, hemp seeds, flax seeds and oils and coconuts. Plus probiotic friendly fermented foods- sauerkraut, komucha, kefir, kimchi. 

If all of this sounds a little overwhelming then make small changes, one step at a time, what’s the rush?!? Again enjoy the journey!! If you feel that you need more guidance, support and advice maybe search for local meet up’s, dinner parties and events in your area. 

My company Raw Happy is dedicated to making plant based delights available to everyone in the community. I host a number of events, workshops, demo’s, dinner parties, bespoke 1:1 and group cookery schools and food deliveries around the Midlands. I am also a part of West Midlands raw food meet up group and regularly connect with Wholefoods Market Cheltenham. If you are keen to take your health to the next level then please check out my website or send me an email I would love to hear from you. 

Life is about appreciating the small changes and finding the gratitude in these and ourselves for achieving them. If that means adding more raw food to each meal, such as an extra salad, perhaps a green juice in the morning or even that cheeky raw dessert then well done you. We are all too keen to focus on the negatives in our lives, but lets start focusing on the highs and the achievements and see how amazing happy, healthy and vibrational living really is!!