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Bali Yoga Retreat

A beautiful and real account of Terri's typical day at our retreat in Bali

Waking up to a chorus of birds is a delight, especially after going to sleep to a chorus of frogs.There is always some animal chatter in the background which competes with the river running rapidly by the green coconut grove in which we reside.

How fortunate are we to have a crew of lovely ladies to make our fruit and smoothies for breakfast. Shall I have an espresso or a latte this morning? Am I starting my day with yoga before the sun comes overhead, or shall I go in the hot tub for a while and then take a swim?? Decisions!

After a jacuzzi and a swim I request a massage.. I think today will be Thai as I want my muscles to move even whilst lying on my back. I find a Thai massage similar to doing yoga, except that somebody is doing it to decadent! As I enjoy my open air massage I get carried into the ether with the chanting in the background.

Thank you Universe, for my full experience of what you can be . Thank you for the amazing feeling I receive being in nature, the joy of being a live and part of this. As I watch the local people do their rituals and bless the little statues they have by throwing water and flower petals at them, I realise that they are saying thank you as well. They are expressing gratitude for the beauty of their surroundings.

The fruit I am being served at breakfast, mango,papaya, star fruit and durian is delicious, absolutely delicious!

I get a lift into town on the back of somebody's motor bike, and catch a class at the Yoga Barn. It is outdoors, yoga with 50 people, open air, overlooking rice fields. This is incredible, it feels like I am doing yoga where it is meant to be done! Afterwards I munch a salad at the Cafe, while eating outdoors I watch all the western people who obviously live here, they dress in sarongs and bikini tops. They look so cool, it is so warm here!

I am thinking about what I will wear tonight to ecstatic dance. I hear it is like a rave in jungle setting.........and people touch each other! I mean strangers! Or maybe instead I will go out to dinner and watch the locals do a fire ceremony where they dance on coals, that sounds fascinating as well. I feel so spoiled for choice! Free to do whatever I want.............