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The unexpected benefits

A while back we published a post on the benefits of hot yoga and how it is a great complement to your existing exercise regime. Check it out here.

As well as improving your strength, flexibility, balance and fitness there are a plethora of other awesome benefits too:

Weight management

As with all forms of cardiovascular exercise (in conjunction with healthy eating), hot yoga really helps with your weight management. You will find that with regular practice your body becomes more efficient; you’ll sleep better and have a more stabilised metabolism and increased calorie burn.


All that bending, stretching and lengthening in the heat really helps your body eliminate pesky toxins. Many postures help give your internal organs a really good massage and together with some focused breathing you really are giving yourself a total body workout both inside and out.

Prevention of disease

Not only are you flushing all the bad stuff out of your body but you’ll also be flushing your body with fresh, oxygenated blood. Better blood circulation to all parts of your body keeps your organs in a healthy state. It also helps develop greater immunity to fight off the bad viruses and parasites by allowing for biological anti-pathogens to be produced.


There is no question that all that sweating gets your ‘glow’ on. Now we can’t make claim that hot yoga will eliminate those wrinkles but the detoxification and toning of those muscles is likely to get you compliments on how well you look – and who doesn’t want that?! 

Stress management

After a hot yoga class you’ll find that not only does your body feel as though it’s had a good workout but also that your mind and nerves are more settled. You’ll feel more relaxed; less stressed and may see improvements in your sleep. Many students say they feel almost euphoric after class.

Life lessons

You can, if you choose, to take what you learn on your yoga mat outside the class and apply it to all areas of your life:

  • Breathe – breathing promotes relaxation and encourages us to slow down
  • Focus – when you focus on the task in hand, you execute it so much better
  • Inhale the good; exhale the bad – draw in acceptance and release resistance
  • Accept challenges – it makes us stronger
  • Let it go – release any negative thoughts or emotions, focus on the now, embrace the positive
  • Body & mind connect – having a healthy mind is just as important as having a healthy body

Hot yoga will bring you a sense of wellbeing and vitality that is hard to explain – it has to be experienced first-hand!  So, if you haven’t tried it already, you really should.

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