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5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Hot Yoga Class

Get the most out of your time on the mat!

In the midst of your busy every day lives, carving out time for yourself can have a huge effect on both your physical and mental health - but are you completely focused on your practise in the moment?

It's easy to forget your 'why' as you fall into the routine of attending weekly classes, so here are 5 points to remember for your next class: 

1. Arrive Early

Allow your body and mind the time to decompress before the class starts. Getting onto the mat 5 minutes early enables you to begin detaching from your busy day and start relaxing into your practise.

 2. Free yourself of distractions

Allow your practise to be just that: yours. Respect the time you have carved out for yourself. Let go of any thoughts that drag you out of the studio and out of your moment. Avoid bringing in devices that connect you to the outside world. In yoga, you are nowhere but on your mat.

3. Set an intention

Set an intention at the beginning of class, rather than thinking about a final result. Yoga is a mind-body practice; by setting an intention and awakening a deeper level, your mind will be focused on every moment, and you will get so much more out of your practice than just a physical workout.

4. Don't try so hard

Let it go - yoga is all about balance. Connect and focus but also ‘let it go’. Try not to concern yourself with what anyone else in class is doing; each person's practise is different. Relax, don’t try so hard and you will find that both your mind and body will get so much more out of your yoga practice.

5. Be grateful

Feel thankful for getting yourself to the studio, onto the mat and into the moment. Practising gratitude will enhance the aspects of yoga and help strengthen and balance the mind and emotional state.


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See you on the mat.