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Fleur Guilding

Fleur Guilding

Fleur studied dance for many years and went on to become very interested in health and wellbeing and completed a science degree. She began practicing hot yoga 4 years ago when experiencing back problems. She found it not only cured her spinal issues but left her feeling mentality uplifted, rejuvenated and soon noticed an improved sense of body awareness. Fleur saw how beneficial yoga was to the mind as well as the body and was keen to help other people to discover this too.

She believes one of the most amazing benefits, particularly for the Western lifestyle, is the stability yoga brings add an alternative to a fast paced life. Fleur then decided to travel to Thailand to complete the Absolute Hot Yoga Teacher Training in Koh Samui. This was an extensive hot yoga teacher training, completing 200 hours of study. This was an intensive training program specific to the practice of hot hatha yoga learning to teach a very beneficial sequence for all over health, ensuring correct alignment to reduce future injury. Fleur’s background means that she had a keen interest in anatomy and physiology.

She will use her knowledge to guide you carefully and precisely through your poses, educating you about your body as you go. Fleur always aims to practice consciously, leading and assisting a strong and dynamic practice, with a focus towards safeguarding against injury, through encouraging correct posture, alignment and protection of the spine through the development of core muscles.