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New to Hot Yoga

We know that coming along to your first hot yoga class can be daunting so we’ve put together this post to provide you with all the information you need. Of course, if you ever have any questions please just ask.

During the class

The teacher will ask if anyone is new and if anyone has any injuries they need to be made aware of. Please don’t be shy and let the teacher know of anything pertinent.

Be prepared to sweat. It will be hot but embrace the sweat – sweating is good, it’s your body’s way of cooling itself and detoxifying all those toxins out of your system. Due to the heat, it’s important to keep hydrated. There will be pauses throughout the class to take some water but just take small sips rather than big gulps as this can leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable.

If you do feel dizzy, don’t panic and stay in the room. Rest in child’s pose and slow your breathing. Child’s pose (where you sit back on your heels with your knees as wide as the mat and your head down) is your 'go to' pose when you need to rest. Try to breathe in and out through your nose – this helps get your heart rate back down. Because of the heat you will be much more flexible and bendy – just be careful and don’t push yourself too hard - listen to your body. Yoga is a ‘practice’ and you should view it as a journey of continual self-improvement and not a race.

Before your class

Yoga is about learning to trust your body and to let go of control. It’s not about being super bendy and it’s not supposed to be easy; yoga is supposed to challenge you, both mind and body. So, come to class with an open mind and remember that when you’re on your yoga mat, it’s all about you in that moment, so try to relax, forget about everything that’s going in your life and enjoy it!

Avoid eating a big meal two hours prior to your class and make sure that you keep yourself well hydrated. It’s also recommended to empty your bladder before a class!

Here at Ella and Fleur Hot Yoga we offer a wide range of different classes. Please see our 'Classes' page for a detailed description of what each class entails.

What to wear

Avoid wearing loose baggy clothing as these will get heavy as you sweat and become restrictive. Wear something light and comfortable that allows you to move. We recommend tight running leggings/shorts and tank tops or sports bras for women (sweat-wicking materials are ideal).

What to bring with you

Most people bring water, a towel to mop off with and a grip towel to place on top of their mat.

Please bring your own mat, but don't worry, well mats from £10! You should also bring your own towel; we sell these too, branded towels for £8!

We would advise you to arrive early at least 15 minutes prior to the class starting. If you haven’t done so already, you’ll need to complete a health questionnaire, plus it’s nice to have a bit of time to get settled before the class begins and get used to the heat!

We have changing rooms, toilets, showers and lockers, so you can keep your valuables safe. We politely ask that you don’t bring your phones into class.

After the class

Make sure you keep yourself hydrated for the rest of the day.

You may feel exhilarated after your first class or you may feel exhausted. If you do feel exhausted that’s perfectly normal for your first class. Try to get yourself to another class soon, as you’ll be amazed and how much easier you find it, how fabulous you feel afterwards and how addicted you’ll become to hot yoga!