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Sian Carrington-Blunt

Coming from a background in high performance sport, Sian has been surrounded by a culture that is constantly striving to be the best. The thing that she loves about yoga is that it isn't about being the best. For her, it is a place where she can be present and escape; where she learns something about herself - her capabilities and limitations; where she holds tension and emotion. It's a place where she doesn't have to strive to achieve, she can just practice and see what happens. Yoga to Sian is a place where she can accept who she is now, but also work at her edge to create positive change in her body and mind

This is what she aims to create in her teaching: A place where you can be, as you are; where you can understand the patterns of your body and mind and learn how to change them. Sian is also a former PE teacher and combines the movement and flow of the practice, the connection of the breath, with the learning of how to work towards improving your practice -  building confidence and capability in line with where you're at.