Charlotte | Yoga Enthusiast Turned Teacher

Before yoga, Charlotte relied on the gym to build physical strength and provide a mental outlet after work. However, she felt the need for something more, a practice that offered greater focus and a calming method to counteract the stresses of my job. Yoga became the solution, offering a sanctuary to ease her mind after long workdays, especially during periods of high stress. Now, as both a practitioner and instructor, Charlotte appreciates the ability of yoga to pause the chaos outside the studio, allowing her to focus on movement and breath. This newfound concentration extends beyond the practice, enabling Charlotte to approach challenges with a calm mindset.

Join Charlotte, on a transformative journey through yoga. Her passion for yoga blossomed in 2013 at Ella & Fleur Hot Yoga, evolving from a complement to my gym routine into a profound practice that touched not only her body but also her soul. In Charlotte’s classes, experience a vibrant fusion of mindfulness and fitness. She brings a dynamic and playful approach, integrating strong poses to encourage you to make the most of your time on the mat. Under her guidance, expect to be challenged, guided, and empowered.