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Benefits of practicing early morning yoga

Even if you’re not normally an early morning person you really should consider setting up your day on the right track with a yoga session.

And here’s why:

You'll look younger

Not only will an early morning yoga session make you feel fabulous, you’ll also look pretty awesome too!

A kick start for your metabolism

By practicing yoga first thing in the morning you really give your metabolism a boost.  You’ll improve your digestion and the food that you eat during the day will burn up faster with nutrients moving through your body more efficiently.

Yoga (and especially hot yoga) not only strengthens and elongates your muscles but it helps give your internal organs a good workout too, eliminating toxins and releasing lots of feel-good chemicals. You’ll have an improved immune system, brighter eyes, glowing skin and you’ll feel and look your best.

A deserved feeling of smugness that lasts all day

Knowing that you've done your exercise before you even sit at your desk in the morning is such a great feeling.  It can be really hard to muster up the motivation to head to a class after work sometimes and that feeling of being disciplined and getting up early to go to a yoga class will bring a sense of mental strength and purpose to the rest of your day.

Greater energy = greater performance

Yogic breathing is a great stimulant for both your mind and your body. The energy boost that you get from deep breathing lasts all day (unlike that caffeine hit which you’ll crash back down from!) An early morning yoga session will leave you feeling brighter, more energised and ready to face the day with a real sense of clarity and purpose.

You'll feel calmer and more centred

We can’t promise that your day won’t be without any stresses but by starting it off with an early morning yoga session, you’ll certainly feel more centred and calmer than those non-yogis around you.

Early morning yoga regulates your sleep rhythm and balances your hormones

If you make early morning exercise part of your regular routine you will help to regulate your body’s natural sleep rhythms and ensure more efficient and regulated hormone activity.

Here at Ella and Fleur Hot Yoga we run early morning yoga sessions on Tuesdays and Thursday. Check out our class schedule and book yourself a morning yoga class now!